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Translation pricing basics

Translations are not commodities. You are buying the time and expertise of an individual translator or team of translators. We operate a fair and open pricing policy.

The charge shall be set based on the number of characters in the source document, format of the original and translated documents, requested graphic adaptations, complexity and deadline terms. For this reason, we always ask to see a sample of the document before quoting a price. After we receive the original text, the Client is informed of the exact cost of the translation.

The most significant factor in calculating the overall price of your translation is the number of characters in the source document. By 'source document' we mean the document you submit for a quotation.

Prices are quoted in all convertible currencies per one standardized page.

One standardized page means a page of 30 lines at 60 keystrokes each, i.e. 1800 characters including spaces. Standard page (standardized page-abbreviated as SP) = a unit of translated text calculated for the purpose of determining the price of translation . 1 SP = 1,800 characters including spaces.

1 SP = approximately €6 EUR, £5 GBP, $8 USD, 43 DKK, 57 SEK, 8 CHF, - 150,- CZK

Interpretation pricing basics

Price depends on interpreting demands and are quoted in all convertible currencies per one hour.

The time an interpreter spends on the way from his domicile to the work place may be counted as a full part of the working hours.

1 HOUR = approximately €7 EUR, £6 GBP, $9 USD, 52 DKK, 70 SEK, 10 CHF, - 180,- CZK

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